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A Comprehensive or "Master" Plan will give your organization or community a formal expression of it's goals, objectives and policies that will guide both its public and private development that occurs within its planning jurisdiction. Both times and values may change within an organization or community, therefore the comprehensive plan must be current and then modified or updated on a regular basis. The life of a comprehensive plan should be only five years or less without revision.

By contrast, Strategic Planning provides an implementation or action plan that addresses the immediate needs of you organization or community. Strategic planning can target the resources and stakeholders necessary to satisfy your organization or community goals. Strategic Planning will give you guidance for establishing the critical paths that will make your stated goals your reality. By formalizing these goals, you give all stakeholders the ability to digest, follow along, and participate in the processes.

The Strategic Planning process enriches the "information environment" that your stakeholders need in order to make informed decisions regarding how to use the organization or community resources to support organization or community sustainability, strengthen your revenue streams, improve customer or community relations, and increase the capture of new income.

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