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Rainbow PUSH Press Release
LOV Press Release
ALNAC Press Release
Joan Collaso Press Release
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Christine Whack Press Release

 It's very important to be able to tell your story about your company and product.

Penn Consulting Group can help you develop talking points that will help frame the public dialouge about who you are and what your company is all about. We accomplish this by constructing press releases that will drive dialouge and public perception in the desired direction of your choosing. 

We can facilitate press conferences, media campaigns and direct crisis management issues.
Penn Consulting Group can help put in place trade relationships that will prove to be beneficial for your company as you continue to move forward.

Penn Consulting Group has performed Media and Public Relations for companies from a variety of industries.
They represent Non-Profits, Entertainment, Municipal Government and Local Politicians. 

Some of the organizations we have messaged for are:
- Rainbow-PUSH Coalition
- Abraham Lincoln National Airport Commission (ALNAC)
- Friends of ALNAC
- Ladies of Virtue, NFP
- Combined Clergy for Economic Progress (CCEE)
- Center for Entreprenuerial Development (CED)
- Joan Collaso, Inc.
- MTS Tax Solutions/MFS WealthCare
- Former Illinois Representative David Miller

- Singer Christine Whack

- Have A Heart For Sickle Cell Anemia