"Strategic Marketing and Execution"
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Non-Profits play a major role in our societies everyday lives. They provide human services such as job training, mentorship progams or even entreprenuerial development. All of which creates a huge impact in many lives.
We can help your non-profit move forward by providing direction with organization development. This includes developing by-laws, helping with creating and formulating your board of directors.
We can aslo develop a branded media campaign which will help you target specific donors with your fundraising initiatives.  We will also assist in logo creation as well as brochure and collateral  development.
Penn Consulting Group can also assist in convention and conference planning and execution.
Here is a short list of some of the non-profits that we have assisted.
-Ladies of Virtue
-Stepping It Up
-Home Gift USA
-Friends of ALNAC
-Black Wall Street
-Rainbow-PUSH Coalition
-Center for Entreprenuerial Development